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i-TUKLAS or Inklusibong Teknolohiyang Ugnayan para sa Kabataan sa Lokal na komunidad at Sambahayan links the learner from the home, day care center, school, local government unit to available public and private community services and enable parents to efficiently avail of support. Data across different points-of-care will be collected and consolidated to identify, track and monitor children and families in need of additional support.

About the KASALI Project

Save the Children’s Kabataang Aralin sa Lahat Ibahagi (KASALI) project aims to strengthen local and national systems that support inclusive education through developing rights-based inclusive education (IE) policies and programs.

Inclusive education is child-centered and places the responsibility of adaptation on the education system rather than the individual child. Together with other sectors and the wider community, it actively works to ensure that every child, irrespective of gender, language, ability, religion, nationality or other characteristics, is supported to meaningfully participate and learn alongside his/her peers, and develop to his/her full potential.

Key Features

Sign up with Mobile Number

As not all parents have email address or social media accounts, users can sign up and log in with a mobile number instead.

Contact or locate a care provider

Conveniently send SMS or call a doctor, therapist or day-care center in-app. Show their location in a map.

Share activities undertaken

Share activities done from information the app provides. This will be collated and analyzed to inform interventions.

Use the web application

No smartphone? A web application provides the same features as the mobile applications.

Learn about children's rights

Watch videos and read about children’s rights, ways to take care of children with special needs and similar themes.

Get useful data and insights

Web application provides data and insights to help inform the design of activities for children with disabilities.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the target users?
Parent or guardian of children in the Philippines either diagnosed with disabilities or exhibit symptoms of disabilities.
What information do I get?
Contact details of doctors, therapists, day-care centers, schools and other institutions that can provide support; videos and other learning materials on protecting the rights of children; and information on barangay-based care. Related news stories from Save the Children Philippines are included as well.
How do I contact a care provider?
For every care provider listed in the app, you can easily send an SMS, call or email from within the app. You can also see its location in a map.
How do I share activities I did with information I got?
Both mobile and web app includes an “Activity” tab or section where you can choose actions you’ve undertaken from information you got from the app.
How do I give feedback?
You can give feedback to Save the Children Philippines about the app and related topics from within the mobile and web apps. See “Give Feedback” tab or section.

A good life for every child

When asked where he lives, Iverson could not tell the name of his village but knows that home is in Bukid Community, an informal settlement located in Pasay City, Metro Manila. “It’s fun here. You have a playmate every day,” he says with a smile.

“My favorite activities are playing basketball and soccer. Sometimes the ball rolls down to the river. But no child has ever fell into the river,” Iverson reassured.

Xia Vigor is Save the Children Philippines' First Child Ambassador

Save the Children Philippines welcomes child actress Xia Vigor as the first Child Ambassador who will help in promoting children’s rights to grow up healthy, educated, and protected from all harm.

Xia, 10, who stars in the upcoming movie “Miracle in Cell no.7,” an entry in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), said she is determined to bring positive change for every child. She also aims to inspire children, especially in marginalized situations to never give up their dreams.

A safe place to play and learn

Save the Children’s Child Friendly Spaces, a project supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) with the goal of providing children opportunities for play and learning while ensuring their safety and protection from abuse, exploitation, neglect and violence.

“This is a great initiative because we’ve learned a lot as parents, and the children are able to enjoy and study for free,” Salma expressed.

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